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Shoulder Steak 10oz $35

Wagu/Angus | Snake River Farms, ID

Beef Flat Iron 10oz $44
Wagu/Angus | Snake River Farms, ID

Beef Tenderloin 8oz $69
Prime Angus | Black Mountain, IL

Denver Steak 5oz / 10oz $40/65
Wagu/Angus | Snake River Farms, ID

Bourbon Aged Eye of Ribeye 16oz $59
Prime Angus | Black Mountain, IL

New York Strip 16oz $66
Prime Angus | Black Mountain, IL

Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye 32oz $95
Prime Angus | Black Mountain, IL

Dry Aged Long Bone Pork Chop 24oz $39
Duroc | Compart Family, MN

Pressed Half-Chicken 24oz $36
Bells and Evans, PA


Six Oysters MKT
with Mignonette and Cocktail Sauce

Tuna Poke $18
with Wakame Seaweed, Sesame Seeds and Tobiko

Marinated Scallop Crudo $18
with Green Apple, Radish and Mustard Vinaigrette

Chilled Poached Shrimp $21
Sauce Louis, Lemon and Cocktail Sauce

Steak Tartare $18
with Ssamjang Aioli, Flatbread, Pickles, Crispy Onions

Seafood Platter $95
6 oysters, 6 Shrimp, 12 Mussels, 2 Langoustines, Tuna Poke

Premium Seafood Tower $155
12 Oysters, 12 Shrimp, 24 Mussels, 4 Langoustine, Tuna Poke, Scallops with Apple

Grand Seafood Tower $245
24 Oysters, 24 Shrimp, 48 Mussels, 6 Langoustine, Tuna Poke, Scallops with Apple


Parker House Rolls $8
with Herbed Butter

Hand Crafted Charcuterie Board $25
Rotating Selection of four house cured meats with pickles, mustard and bread

Crab and Avocado Toast $18
with Béarnaise Aioli and Mint

Dry Aged Beef Meatballs $17
with Mama DeCampo’s Red Sauce, Parmesan and Preserved Lemon

Glazed Bacon $21
with Plum and Basil Relish

Celeryroot Caesar Salad $14
with Ramp Butter Croutons and Anchovy

P.S. Chopped Salad $14
Changes Frequently, Inquire with Your Server

Caramelized Onion Soup $12
with Rye Gnocchi, and Cave Aged Gruyere Cheese

Cauliflower Soup $12
with Smoked Paprika, Pumpkin Seeds and Pickled Cauliflower



Torchio Pasta $24
with Roasted Squash, Mushrooms and Sage Cream Sauce

Salmon $38
with Leek Tartlet, Apple and Endive Salad

Sautéed Sea Scallops $40
with Nduja, Cauliflower Puree and Apple

Duck $42
with Wild Rice Porridge, Cranberry Mostarda and Duck Sausage

Venison $45
with Braised Red Cabbage, Salt Baked Celery Root, Black Truffle Jus


Brussels Sprouts $14
with Speck Ham and Pine Nuts

Sour Cream Spaetzle $12
with Black Pepper and Robiola, add Lobster $10

Roasted Root Vegetables $12
with Maple and Rosemary

Smoked Creamed Kale $10
with Crispy Kale and Chilis

Sautéed Mushrooms $14
with Thyme and Pickled Mushrooms


Hashbrowns $13
with Beef Fat and Chives

Aligot $13
with Cave Aged Gruyere, Chive

Patatas Bravas $13
with Harissa and Lemon Aioli

Fries $7
with Curry Bearnaise and Garam Masala Ketchup


Sauce Au Poivre $5
Curry Bearnaise $5
Stilton $8
Horseradish Crust $8
Lobster Tail $45
Seared Foie Gras $22
Uni Butter $13
Beurre de Paris $10
Caramelized Onions $4
Sunny Side Up Egg $3


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Cardinal versions of our cocktails are available
which highlight or showcase a certain spirit
that we’re excited to be able to share with you.

Sazerac $14
Rye, Peychaud’s, Demerara, Absinthe
Cardinal Version: Hennessy XO $68

Vieux Carre $14
Cognac, Rye, Benedictine, Rojo, Peychaud’s
Cardinal Version: Angel’s Envy Rye + Kelt XO $51

Ramos $14
Egg White, Gin, Orange Blossom Water, Lemon, Seltzer, Cream
Cardinal Version: Old Raj Blue $26

Champs Élysées $17
Cognac, Lime, Chartreuse, Angostura
Cardinal VersionL: Montifaud XO $64

Roffignac $13
Raspberry, Cognac, Seltzer, Cider Vinegar, Saline
Cardinal Version: Montifaud XO $57

Bywater $15
Rum, Chartreuse, Amaro, Falernum, Bitters
Cardinal Version: My. Gay 1703 $68

French 75 $12
Cognac, Lemon, Sparkling Wine
Cardinal Version: Hennessy XO + Blanc de Blanc $74

Bottle Conditioned

Martini $13
Gin Blend, French Vermouth, Orange Bitters

Old Fashioned $14
Bourbon, Rye, Piloncillo


Bauhaus Wonderstuff $7
Czech Style Pilsner / Minneapolis, Minnesota

Modist Dreamyard $8
IPA / Minneapolis, Minnesota

Milk & Honey Cider $8
St. Joseph, Minnesota

Hamm’s $4
Pale Lager / Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fulton Standard $4
Lager / Minneapolis, Minnesota

Left Hand Milk Stout $7
Longmont, Colorado