An old fashioned is defined as a combination of spirit, sugar, bitters, and water. Stirred then strained over ice in a tumbler style glass. The cocktails in this section follow that blueprint, but are totally different in flavor, texture, and aromatics from each other.

P.S. Old Fashioned $14
Bourbon, Rye, Piloncillo, Duo Bitters Blend

10 Pesos Version $14
Private Barrel Select Reposado Tequila, Agave Nectar,Amontillado Sherry

Black Rosé Sazerac $14
Calvados, Rum, Reposado Tequila, Black Rosé Cider, Absinthe, Bee Pollen Oil

Shikoku $14
Japanese Whisky, Yuzu, Islay Scotch


Sleek, elegant, and graceful are what every cocktail aspires to be. Nick & Nora cocktails embody those characteristics. Stirred formulation of spirit, fortified wine, and bitters presented traditionally in a Nick & Nora glass. Influenced by the 1934 movie The Thin Man which main characters Nick and Nora Charles were hard drinking detective and wealthy heiress.

This is Paris $14
Cognac, Benedictine, French Orange Liqueur, Sparkling Wine

Chrysanthème $14
Dry Vermouth, Pineau de Charentes, Benedictine, Orange Bitters, Absinthe

Calico Tuxedo $14
Jasmine, Old Tom Gin, Fino Sherry, Blanco Vermouth

Nolo $14
Vodka, Chardonnay, Apple-Kiwi, Passion Fruit,Rancio Sec, Saline


Highballs are more than a punchline of a bar joke, they are the most common of all cocktail pillars consisting of spirit and mixer on ice in a collins style glass. We hope that this simple combination of ingredients creates an unexpected complexity.

Morango $14
Rum, Cachaça, Strawberry, Lemon, Amaro

Sculpture Gardens $14
Vodka, Basil, Green Chile, Cilantro, Honey, Lemon, Tonic

Immortality $14
Vodka, Grapefruit, Rose, Aloe, Lavender, Malic Acid,Citric Acid, Club Soda

Arcobaleno $14
Green Tea Shochu, Bubblegum, Lychee, Lemon, Club Soda


Variations of this pillar range from complex to simple styles. Simple versions are composed of spirit, citrus, and a sugar element. Complex versions, better known as a daisy, introduce liqueur and/or fortified wines.

Lake Minnetonka $14
Aquavit, Dill Oil, Honey, Bay Leaf, Lemon, Salt

Pure Guava $14
Pisco, Cachaça, Guava, Lemon, Egg White

Platano $14
White Rum, Spiced Rum, Banana, Lime

Bohemian $14
Gin, Rhum Agricole, Mezcal, Apricot, Coconut, Honey, Lime, French Bitters


RESPECTS & Oddities
Special people have helped shape who we are in this industry. We owe them everything for giving us the tools to succeed in our own endeavors. This version of our menu we celebrate two of the great women mentors that shared their knowledge to make us better people and bartenders. Bridget Albert and Charlotte Voisey. These two women have not only mentored hundreds, if not thousands of individuals, but have changed the landscape of the bartending community forever. Their contributions and mentorship will be felt by restaurant professionals for generations to come. For that, we wanted to design a cocktail in their honor. Here’s to them!

Smoking in the Girls Room $14
(Bridget Albert)
Bourbon, Berry Blend, Earl Giles Ginger Beer

Charlotte’s Last Word $14
(Charlotte Voisey)
Gin, Cucumber, Chartreuse, Lime

Ananas $14
Rum, Amaro, Pineapple, Vanilla, Cherry, Mint


Celeryroot Caesar Salad $13
Ramp Butter, and Anchovy Crisps

La Belle Vie Lamb Burgers $12
Ras el Hanout, Mint Yogurt, Poblano Pepper

Steak Tartare $18
Ssamjang Aioli, Flatbread, Pickles, Crispy Onions

P.S. Steak Burger $14
Swiss Cheese, Steakhouse Mayo and Pickled Onion Ring

Fries $7
Garam Masala Ketchup and Curry Béarnaise

Potato Chips $6
Truffled Brie or Rosemary and Roasted Garlic (dip)
Add 1oz Spoonbill Caviar with Creme Fraiche and Chives $65

Marinated Scallop Crudo $18
Cucumber, Radish and Curry Vinaigrette

Tuna Poke $18 
Wakame Seaweed, Sesame Seeds and Tobiko

Bacon $21
Lettuce and Tomato

Foie Gras Torchon $19
Seasonal Fruit, Toast

Chilled Poached Shrimp $21
Sauce Louis, Lemon and Cocktail Sauce


No. 1- $95
6 oysters, 6 Shrimp, 12 Mussels, 2 Langoustines, Tuna Poke

No. 2 - $155
12 Oysters, 12 Shrimp, 24 Mussels, 4 Langoustine, Tuna Poke, Scallops with Cucumber

No. 3 - $245
24 Oysters, 24 Shrimp, 48 Mussels, 6 Langoustine, Tuna Poke, Scallops with Cucumber